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A leading Oil & Gas company set up a CoE in APAC through location intelligence

A leading Oil & Gas company set up a CoE in APAC through location intelligence

Client’s challenge

A leading North American Oil & Gas company wanted to set up a captive center in one of the following countries – USA, UK, China, India, and Malaysia.

Before arriving at the center location, the client wanted to estimate the total installed talent available in the 5 countries having skillsets in Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, IT and Structural Engineering and development roles. This talent assessment was critical to hire the most appropriate resources that will have the capability to run diversified projects. Another key objective was to assess the salary cost expectations for each job role across the work experience ranges.

Zinnov helped analyze the ecosystem of quality talent available and the key employers in the Oil & Gas industry across the 5 countries and provide relevant insights.

They were also looking for an evaluation of the key universities that could provide potential fresh talent. In essence, the client wanted to be aware of the experienced talent from competitors as well as the fresh talent, available in notable universities. This would help them determine the talent quality benchmark in the regions and develop strategies to help attract and retain the talent.

How Zinnov helped

We helped secure a major win for the client by helping them understand the complete R&D talent landscape in the USA, UK, China, India, and Malaysia that was of strategic relevance to the business. This gave an intelligible picture and succeeded in crystallizing the final location for setting up their captive center.

Our analysis for drawing the talent landscape in the 5 countries comprised a two-pronged approach divided between primary and secondary research. We began by conducting comprehensive secondary research to determine the size of the talent pool, salary costs, and ecosystem data in each of the 5 countries using the available database and other resources. This was significant in order to establish an information base from which the client could take more actionable steps.

Further, we carried out primary interviews with peer companies and recruitment agencies to collect talent information and validate secondary data. Post analysis, the client received comprehensive findings in terms of talent pool numbers, salary costs, and peer companies for each of the 5 countries.

Impact created

Through our partnership with the client, we discovered installed and fresh talent numbers by taking into consideration quality peer companies, start-up ecosystems, and universities present in each of the 5 countries.

Once the talent ecosystem was defined, it was critical to highlight the associated costs to the company for hiring and retaining employees. Our accurate estimation of salary costs for each job role, skill set, and work ex. range in all the 5 countries helped the client in an end-to-end cost analysis.

Finally, the identification of all the peer companies that had the relevant talent required, work profiles, and similar projects was the essential enabler in developing a concrete plan for establishing the talent database and making the captive center operational.

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