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A European Service Provider tapped into horizontal opportunities across industries

A European Service Provider tapped into horizontal opportunities across industries

Client’s challenge

A large European service provider was looking at opportunities to expand its business activities. The organisation wanted to explore horizontal opportunities across industries. This would require extensive work on defining the value proposition of the company and what it had to offer. Once the value proposition was in place, the next step was to outline the GTM strategy for the service provider to pitch.

How Zinnov helped

The team conducted an As-Is-Analysis, where detailed interviews were conducted to understand the existing capabilities and ongoing projects within the organisation. Primary research mapped the offerings of the organisation in detail and the team performed a SWOT analysis to understand the current standing of the company within the ecosystem. After this, the team outlined the value that the service provider could add to the requirements in the industry. Zinnov also identified and defined the broad customer requirements and pain-points. This helped the European service provider target its offerings to solve problems. The team at Zinnov mapped the industry value chain, analyzed disruptions by industry, mapped the effects of disruption, and identified the existing product and processes. Business models were mapped against offerings and products across the industries. This enabled the team to create an overall value proposition for the company. The information gathered by Zinnov during this process culminated in the creation of collaterals for external and internal marketing of the service provider.

Once the value proposition was ready, the team worked with the sales and pre-sales team to train them on the new direction of the company. Along with this, Zinnov helped in identifying existing and new customers within each new industry where the client could carve a niche. These customers’ products and process portfolios were mapped to understand the suitability of the value proposition for them. Zinnov clearly outlined the potential value addition to these entities to ensure the client targeted their services optimally. The team also facilitated multiple successful customer workshops.

Impact created

The extensive research carried out by Zinnov during the first phase highlighted important insights for the client, that has enabled them to train their marketing and sales team effectively.

Zinnov continues to provide support with content creation to educate customers, which has helped the service provider in improving their direct reach to customers. Zinnov has also helped with their continuous expansion.

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