Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Trends and Forecasts 2022

by Praveen Bhadada, Managing Partner, Zinnov; Rajat Kohli, Partner, Zinnov, Priya Bhalla, Project Lead, Zinnov; Saloni Patil, Project Lead, Zinnov; Chitvan Varshneya, Consultant, Zinnov

The role of Artificial Intelligence in the pandemic morphed in a way that no one foresaw. The reliance of technology increased dependence on AI-models for day-to-day activities, functions and connectivity. As we continue to navigate the disruptions of the post-pandemic world, Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a linchpin of innovation and digital transformation across verticals. In fact, it is right to presume that implementing an AI-first strategy is going to be the green card to market leadership. An overwhelming 71% of global leaders say that their organization has incorporated AI into one or more of their processes and offerings. Enterprises, start-ups, digital giants and governments are going all-in to harness the hidden potential of AI and cater to the demands of the dynamic market.

In this Zinnov Point of View, we discuss AI’s market potential, its implementation maturity, progressive technology trends, and the role of enterprises, digital giants, start-ups and governments in shaping its maturity. The report benchmarks and bifurcates different industries into the innovators, disruptors and laggards of the market, followed by an in-depth analysis of industry landscape, trends and transformative use cases across the four leading verticals – Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Retail & e-Commerce and Automotive. Our detailed analysis also includes future bets in AI that will transform the landscape of digital transformation, giving an outside-in perspective on the potential business opportunities.


Although the journey from being Laggards to Innovators isn’t a straight one, but it is one that has the potential to create significant long-term impact. Over the next few years, AI will take centerstage in making decisions, managing workflows and changing the workforce. Bracing for this change is imperative, in a way that is cost efficient, talent-ready and scalable. Working towards organizational goals with AI’s role in mind is a de-risking strategy that will safeguard organizations for the long haul.

Key highlights:

  • Current Artificial Intelligence market landscape & transformative use cases being explored
  • Hot AI start-ups to collaborate with for advancements in Artificial Intelligence
  • Government policies reforming the development and usage of AI
  • Progressive AI trends to prepare for in 2022

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Artificial Intelligence – Trends and Forecasts 2022

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