India Start-up Ecosystem – Traversing the Maturity Cycle

India Start-up Ecosystem   You can access the whole report HERE

The Changing Face Of The Finance Function: An India GIC Perspective

The Finance function in India GICs is evolving and navigating through disruptions. Is this a good thing or something to be worried about?

GST’s Impact On IT Services – A Bitter Pill, But Does It Cure?

With GST in full effect, how will it impact the IT Services industry? Here’s how the new tax regime of GST on IT Services will impact the industry.

Blockchain 101- A Beginner’s Guide

What is Blockchain? Is it just a buzzword or is it poised to disrupt the current technological landscape? Here’s a beginner’s guide to Blockchain 101.

How Startups Are Driving An IoT Revolution

The industrial IoT segment is predicted to become all pervasive by 2020, with startups poised to disrupt incumbents.

IoT as a Service – A Game Changer?

Do Service Providers need to jump on the IoT as a Service bandwagon? Is it the game changer that Service Providers need in the changing technology landscape?

Will APIs Mimic The Cloud?

Microservices are driving next-generation growth in technology companies. A stringent strategy is needed to derive maximum benefits out of it.

The Times They Are a-Changing: How The IT Industry Can Turn The VUCA TIDE

Declining RPE, emerging technologies & protectionism are some of the key factors creating a VUCA tide in the IT industry. How to turn the tide?

The Rise of Global In-House Centers: A Case Study Approach

About the authors: Adithi Raju & Vaibhav Gupta are Management Consultants at Zinnov with the Engineering Excellence team.

India Domain Name Report

Smart Appliances : Whitepaper

The whitepaper discusses the Disruptions, Proliferation and Challenges in the Smart Appliances Industry

Why API strategy matters

About the author: Siddharth Jhawar is a Management Consultant at Zinnov with the Engineering Excellence team.

Emerging Automotive Silicon Valley of Middle East — Israel

Waze, TowerSec, Mobileye, Softwheel, Argus, Redbend, Cognitens and many more sensational new age automotive startups, are all based out of Silicon Valley.

Moving Towards being a XaaS enterprise

About the author: Vivek Gupta is a Management Consultant at Zinnov with the Engineering Excellence team.

Conversations Wars (Part 2) — What does the future look like?

Continued from Part 1 of the Conversations Wars series which talks about the overall landscape of conversational products and the higher…

The AI push to CRM: Why AI is a major driver for next phase of growth in CRM market

AI or Artificial Intelligence needs no introduction. Thousands of research articles, blogs, and papers have been published on the…

Captive vs Service Provider : A Zero Sum Game?

About the author: Sidhant Rastogi is a Partner at Zinnov and leads the Global Engineering Service Provider practice.

Review of Infogain’s Test Automation Platform — ITAS

About the reviewer : #ZinnovDigital is Zinnov’s Digital Transformation Practice which advises on areas such as Digital Sourcing Advisory…

Review of Digité’s Visual Lean Project Management software – SwiftKanban

As organizations move towards becoming leaner and striving to deliver high quality products and services — the Kanban method offers a…

Conversations Wars (Part 1)— the fight for the right product!

About the author: Vignesh Balagopalakrishnan is a Management Consultant at Zinnov who works with the Engineering Excellence team…

“Google is coming!” — The Game of Autonomous Cars

“Google is coming!” — The Automotive Industry has been hearing this since 2009, the year the Self Driving Car Project was announced. Autonomous Cars are the most discussed topic in the industry right now and we were curious about what is happening with the Self Driving Car Project. We pulled out some data from Zinnov’s Global Engineering … Continue reading “Google is coming!” — The Game of Autonomous Cars

The Agile imperative for enterprises and how Service Providers can help

World economies are more connected than ever before. One only needs to look at the recent Brexit vote and the financial mayhem caused by it across global national stock exchanges to fully understand the extent of globalisation and interdependence between economies and firms today. Globalisation has opened up enterprises to a wide variety of external … Continue reading The Agile imperative for enterprises and how Service Providers can help

Virtual Reality : Disrupting the market

Global In House Center evaluation metrics

Business Continuity Planning

BCP is fast becoming an important consideration for organizations

Global In-house site contribution and value analysis

Metrics to measure the value that can be added from a GIC

Emerging locations in R&D Engineering : Automotive

Insights on R&D Engineering global locations in Automotive sector

R&D Engineering Hotspots – Bay Area Analysis

Location analysis insights on R&D Engineering Hotspots with a specific look at the Bay Area.

State of the India HR Industry

Infographic depicts the maturity and state of current Indian HR Industry…