Our full suite of consulting services enable organizations to grow, globalize and get business opportunities based on right balance of their capabilities, leadership and market disruption assessment. The practice leverages its intensive research, industry experience and network to help design and execute impactful strategies.
Outcome of these engagements are actionable programs for businesses to innovate, optimize talent, leadership and change manage with this shifting technology landscape.


  • Helping technology organizations through their journey of planning, setting up and operating their world class global centers. This enables them to leverage the talent and innovation ecosystem across the world and develop global products better, faster and cheaper.
  • Engaging with Global centers/GICs in creating more value and achieve a higher maturity by enabling them to constantly innovate and attract better talent. This enables companies to optimize the existing and increase investments for the future growth of the centers.
  • Helping companies leverage disruptors to drive growth and innovation. This enables Companies to develop strategies to drive growth by proactively analyzing the landscape to identify and engage with disruptors
  • Helping companies chalk down their core strategies such as new product, new market and R&D roadmap to achieve competitive advantage and desired company goals.
  • Partnering with technology organizations to define their start-up engagement strategy, model and operational plan to accelerate their business vision and values. This involves selecting the right startup cohort via a comprehensive approach and methodology as part of an accelerator program.

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The Rise of Global In-House Centers: A Case Study Approach

By Adithi Raju & Vaibhav Gupta Dec 5 , 2016

Global In-house centers (GICs) are redefining the way businesses leverage diverse talent pools and skill sets distributed across geographies. GICs were initially set up with the objective of accessing new talent pools, but over the years GICs have brought in other ecosystem and value added benefits.


Nilesh Thakker
Partner & Head of US Operations

Nilesh has over two decades of Executive leadership experience in technology companies and has led operations in enterprise and consumer software, Cloud Computing and Product Management.


Preeti Anand
Director & Practice Head

Preeti has over 15 years of industry experience in management consulting and product engineering. In her current role, she advises MNC technology companies on their global shoring strategy, including setup and management of their global centers.


Sukanya Roy
Engagement Manager

Sukanya has over 12 years experience in consulting and corporate strategy. Her focus is on globalization strategy- setting up and operating global centers as well as partnering with global vendors, innovation management and start-up engagements.


Vaibhav Gupta
Engagement Lead

Vaibhav is an experienced strategy consultant in corporate strategy, competitive intelligence, and strategic planning. He has worked with clients in TMT sector and was earlier part of Deloitte’s corporate strategy and innovation team.