An annual subscription based platform that enables GICs to accelerate innovation and growth, evangelize India GIC globally and become employers of choice through Thought-leadership Frameworks, Benchmarks, Playbooks and Ecosystem Connects



GIC Accelerator Platform has been helping technology companies with benchmarks, reports, on-demand data insights, industry connections and serves as a data bank to address the common challenges witnessed across GICs.













Use Cases

Zinnov’s GAP helps Engineering Heads, HR Leaders and Talent managers in real time decision making to grow their GICs

Country Heads

Identify key initiatives to move towards disruptive leadership

Create programs to evangelize GIC globally

Track CXO decision metrics to showcase business impact

Innovation Heads

Identify brand perception among prospective hires

Benchmark lateral & campus compensation structures in GICs

Streamline recruitment processes and metrics

HR Heads

Track key technology start-ups in India

Identify a step by step guide to engage with universities and start-ups

Maximize ROI from innovation programs

Finance Heads

Establish the right Finance and Admin processes

Identify cost of operating in India compared to peers

Drive value as a CFO from India


  • GIC Accelerator Platform

  • Depending on the modules relevant for your organization the subscription fee varies. Reach us on for further details.

  • GAP is an industry agnostic platform. It aims at providing data and insights to business problems that are common to GICs in India.

  • Some of the key benefits which G.A.P offers are:

    1. Insightful thought leadership, through reports.
    2. Connections across the Eco-system: Start-ups, Universities, Peers etc.
    3. Access to comprehensive industry data through benchmarks
    4. Access to attend curated working sessions
  • GAP is a 9-year- old platform continuously focusing on helping GICs grow in India

  • Working session are events that comprise of 20 to 30 GIC industry stakeholders from a common domain (HR, Finance etc.) coming together to brainstorm on the common challenges faced. These sessions also include presentations by Zinnov SMEs and industry partners around a topic of common interest.

  • G.A.P primarily caters to India IT and R&D GICs spanning across numerous sectors such as Automotive, Enterprise Software, Industrial, Semiconductor, BFSI and many more.