Intelligent Automation Propelling BPOs To The Next Orbit

Wide-scale digital disruptions and the unprecedented pace of change in customer expectations are propelling the BPO industry to constantly reinvent itself. BPO players are ushering in a new era of modern outsourcing by leveraging advanced technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to derive productivity gains and reduce operational expenses. Today, the BPO industry is at the intersection of RPA and AI, where Simple Automation scenarios are being augmented by AI to give rise to the era of Intelligent Automation (IA).

This continued evolution of the BPO industry is helping create real-time customer-centric solutions, where BPO players are viewed as key strategic partners driving high value for their customers. BPO players continually strive to go beyond cost savings and make an impact across several key performance metrics such as accuracy rates, productivity rates, turnaround times, and customer satisfaction. As the BPO industry stands at the threshold of the ‘Integrated Intelligent Automation’ era, the ambition to innovate and improve consistently has become a key driving factor for BPO players.


This Zinnov-Automation Anywhere whitepaper on Intelligent Automation propelling BPOs to the next orbit dives deep into IA and provides answers to questions such as –

  • How is IA different from Simple Automation? Why is it required?
  • What are the additional benefits offered by IA, when compared to Simple Automation?
  • Which are the BPO workloads heavily impacted by IA?
  • How can enterprises harness the full power of IA?
  • What does the future of outsourcing look like? What do BPO players need to do stay relevant in this evolving space?
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Intelligent Automation Propelling BPOs To The Next Orbit

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