Intelligent Automation In Healthcare – From The Providers’ Perspective

Healthcare Providers and Payers across the globe are increasingly leveraging digital technologies such as Cloud, Analytics, AI/ML, Automation, etc., to enhance various functions across the Healthcare value chain. While there has been limited success of these digital transformation initiatives because of inherent challenges, Automation has been a beacon of hope. Technology investments in the recent years on Automation has witnessed relatively higher traction among both Providers and Payers, putting the Healthcare industry at the forefront of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) adoption and implementation.

The Healthcare Providers have been at the forefront of battling COVID-19, with the maximum capacities being utilized and/or earmarked to handle the constant barrage of COVID-19 patients across the globe. This has given rise to high-revenue stream aspects such as walk-in check-ups, outpatient departments, elective surgeries, etc., being put on the back burner. This has put immense pressure on the hospital facilities, with revenues hit severely, in some cases. Amidst this uncertainty, Automation has emerged as a critical tool for Healthcare Providers to not only optimize costs but also boost revenues.

This Zinnov-ITC Infotech whitepaper on Intelligent Automation in Healthcare addresses questions such as –

  • Is Automation the panacea for all the challenges faced by Healthcare Providers?
  • How can Healthcare Providers leverage Automation to accelerate COVID-19 testing results?
  • How can Providers enhance patient experience across the value chain by leveraging Automation?
  • Can Automation come to the rescue in enhancing remote patient experience?
  • From Revenue Cycle Management to Diagnostics to Patient Data Management, Automation can bring in efficiencies. But how?
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Intelligent Automation In Healthcare - From The Providers' Perspective


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