Global Software Engineering Talent Availability and Cost

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Get insights on top locations to build world class CoEs where you can:
  • Build scalable and full Software Product Engineering teams
  • Leverage a mature ecosystem of start-ups, Service Providers, and universities
  • Benefit from high ease of doing business
  • Build teams at affordable costs

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Zinnov evaluated the 13 identified countries based on the following 4 key factors:

  • Talent Availability
  • Software Engineering Ecosystem Maturity
  • Ease of Doing Business
  • Cost Analysis

While all 13 countries in this analysis have proven software engineering capability, in terms of building CoEs, India, China, Canada, Poland, and Mexico are the Top 5 CoE Hotspots of the World.

Center Of Excellence Hotspots - Romania
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - Estonia
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - Lithuania
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - Bulgaria
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - Belarus
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - Czechia
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - Poland
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - Philippines
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - China
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - India
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - Canada
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - Mexico
Center Of Excellence Hotspots - Brazil

Country Ranking based on their potential to build a COE

Country wise Rankings of Center Of Excellence Hotspots Source: Zinnov Reports, Zinnov Secondary Research

To accelerate your organization’s growth and innovation journey, you need access to best software engineering talent. We can help you establish high-performing Centers of Excellence with top-notch infrastructure, high impact HR policies, and a partner ecosystem that is conducive for innovation.

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A Center of Excellence (CoE) is defined as a body in an organization that has leading-edge knowledge and competency in a particular area and is comprised of highly skilled individuals and experts.

Zinnov evaluated 13 countries across APAC, LATAM, and North America to narrow down the CoE hotspots of the world.

CXOs; Strategy, Operations, and HR leaders from Global MNCs; Private Equity firms are some of the key stakeholders who will benefit from the analyses in this report.

The selection of the 13 countries was made based on the fact that all of them show high potential for software engineering, as observed by Zinnov in its 18 years of extensive experience working with global technology organizations, PE firms, and Service Providers. Other aspects include the presence of significant talent pool, ecosystem maturity, affordable cost and ease of doing business in terms of geopolitical stability, English proficiency and IP and Data privacy.

Organizations should set up global CoEs -
  1. To de-risk business
  2. To initiate transformative change in the organization in a scalable and sustainable format
  3. To provide visibility, focus and establish commitment to innovation
  4. To provide flexibility to innovate fast and fail fast

An organization can measure the success of their CoE by measuring:
  • The expertise showcased by a CoE – Relevant, Deep, and Unique (IP worthy, PoC generated) expertise
  • Its ability to impact the organization by shaping its business vision and technology roadmap and/or by helping the organization fill the skill gap/market gap to achieve the vision
  • Its ability to generate economic value for HQ and drive product ownership and technology leadership
Here are the top key levers to build successful Centers of Excellence:
  1. A well-defined vision with strong executive sponsorship
  2. Selecting the right location with a strong external ecosystem
  3. Skill availability and other parameters discussed in this report
  4. Creating an organization structure that empowers the CoE to take up ownership and hence sets it up for success
  5. Building a strong Talent Strategy
  6. Well-defined governance and operating model
  7. Prioritizing the right use cases and problems to solve for, by the CoE
  8. Fostering meaningful partnerships with start-ups, academia, and other companies
An effective CoE must have the following attributes in order to drive high-impact value and ROI:
  1. High engineering maturity
  2. Clearly defined center persona
  3. Top-notch talent attraction and retention
  4. Partnership with external ecosystem
  5. Visionary leader to drive innovation

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