GCoE Accelerator Platform

GCoE Accelerator Platform

GCoE Accelerator Platform

Over the last decade, the R&D offshoring industry has grown manifold, giving rise to organizational challenges like low productivity, cost escalation, talent crunch, low center maturity, etc. To address these challenges and help global R&D MNCs in their journey, the GCoE Accelerator Platform was born. GAP helps its clients by providing a platform where companies can collectively address industry-wide challenges, either by sharing experiences and best practices and/or by leveraging actionable insights provided through research and domain expertise of Zinnov advisors.

Key decision makers from the industry come together to ideate on global leadership, innovation, technology, ecosystem connect, talent, and operational efficiency that currently have an impact or will have an impact on the technology ecosystem. Our platform leverages network effects and technology to match-make and drive meaningful conversations around the 6 pre-defined dimensions.

GAP provides a structured model for subscribing and/or participating member companies to share information with each other. Zinnov defines themes based on collective inputs and creates frameworks for which benchmark data from leadership teams is collected. This data is then collated, analyzed, and shared with GAP subscribers as actionable insights that can be leveraged to create value or drive interventions. Currently, GAP has over 300 companies participating in various benchmarking exercises, which help capture over 100,000 strategic and tactical insights.

Connects – Networking events
GAP helps forge relevant connections among business leaders by bringing together key decision makers and leaders from various functions within the technology ecosystem on a regular basis. These forums and roundtable events provide a platform for business leaders to exchange ideas and build lasting connections, which in turn help define problem statements that the Zinnov team helps to address collaboratively in a true open innovation model. In 2017, GAP hosted over 100 such sessions across Bay Area, Los Angeles, Detroit, Paris, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, and Pune – both in person and tech enabled.

Based on the collective knowledge of all the member companies, combined with its own advisory expertise, Zinnov has identified key areas for which it has built out detailed playbooks. These playbooks are based on in-depth research and augmented by experts from member companies. This research is then used to create reports that can be used by council members in their respective roles within their organizations. GAP released more than 50 reports to our subscribing members in 2017.

Management Team

Harish Singh | Zinnov

Harish Singh
Managing Partner

Harish has helped numerous Global Technology companies in their globalization initiatives. He has actively engaged with Fortune 500 companies being instrumental in aiding several of them in their growth strategies.

Mohammed Faraz Khan | Zinnov

Mohammed Faraz Khan

Mohammed Faraz Khan is a Partner and Delivery Head of the GCoE Accelerator Platform (G.A.P.) at Zinnov. Over the years, he has advised Fortune 1000 companies to help transform them into truly high-performing organizations. Faraz works closely with the leadership teams of MNCs to advise them on their Growth, Transformation, Talent, and Innovation strategies.

Atit Danak | Zinnov

Atit Danak

Atit has 10+ years of experience in working with Fortune 500 companies and high-growth start-ups. He has spearheaded strategic projects across Asia, Europe, and North America to effectively bolster business footprint, improve process and operational efficiencies, launch new products, and scale innovation programs.

Gaurav Malhotra | Zinnov

Gaurav Malhotra

Gaurav is leading the practice and business growth for Japan region. He has 14+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies across USA, Europe, and APAC and helping them drive their Globalization initiatives, market expansion, growth strategies, digital talent strategy, and driving innovation programs and ecosystem partnerships.

JC Vishwanath | Zinnov

JC Vishwanath

JC Vishwanath is Principal and Head of the Growth & Operations practice as part of the GCoE Accelerator Platform (G.A.P.) at Zinnov. With a career spanning over 11 years, JC has experience advising Fortune 1000 companies around Growth and Maturity, Strategy and Operations, Center Transformation, Cost optimisation and Product Portfolio Assessment. JC has an MBA from ISB, Hyderabad.

Pavan Krishnamurthy | Zinnov

Pavan Krishnamurthy

Pavan Krishnamurthy has experience in advising Fortune 500 companies on center setup design, performing large M&A integrations and developing analytics product roadmaps across global locations such as U.S., Australia, and India. He has an MBA from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles California.

Namita Adavi | Zinnov

Namita Adavi
Engagement Manager

Namita has close to a decade of experience working with CXOs of Fortune 1000 companies. Her main focus areas of work include assessing the maturity of GCoEs in India and identifying key levers of transformation, building a culture of innovation, creating business cases to drive strategic initiatives from India, and conducting workshops around leadership and talent development for companies.

Priyanka Kumar | Zinnov

Priyanka Kumar
Engagement Manager

Priyanka comes with 12 years of strategic advisory experience to Fortune 500 organizations on Talent, Learning, and Diversity. She leads the Talent Consulting practice at Zinnov, and specializes in curating cutting-edge talent interventions that help organizations unleash their talent’s best potential. Previously, she has led HR strategy and delivered high impact HR Transformation programs in global COE roles. She holds B.Tech and MBA – HR from IMT Ghaziabad.