COVID Response Strategy – Devising a Roadmap for Global Centers of Excellence

As we usher in a new era AKA the post-COVID era, Global Centers of Excellence (GCoEs) will need a new outlook towards strategy and problem-solving. While the pandemic has sent shock waves across industries and has impacted businesses at a planetary scale, we believe that it has also unlocked a new leadership paradigm – one that is defined by crisis resilience and growth.

At our recent CXO Forum, Pari Natarajan, CEO, Zinnov, presented this insightful keynote on how GCoE leaders across verticals can formulate a winning COVID response strategy to combat disruptions by forestalling key challenges and impending opportunities. Download this report and gain insights across the following dimensions:

  • Impact of COVID-19 across key industry verticals such as Automotive, Aviation, Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, Semiconductor, Manufacturing, Retail, Enterprise Software, etc.
  • A detailed view of the impact of the pandemic across major Indian cities – Pune, Bangalore, NCR, and Hyderabad
  • Major challenges that GCoEs are facing currently and the impending opportunities that they can leverage in a post-COVID world
  • Key focus areas for companies to formulate an efficacious COVID response strategy
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COVID Response Strategy – Devising a Roadmap for Global Centers of Excellence


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