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A technology player strengthened its Wireless Engineering portfolio through a critical acquisition

A technology player strengthened its Wireless Engineering portfolio through a critical acquisition

Client’s challenge

A global Engineering & Technology solutions company shortlisted a Wireless Engineering services firm from Portugal out of a list of top targets for acquisition. The goal for this acquisition was strengthen their Wireless Engineering portfolio. The client was a major technology player with a presence in 14 countries and had over 300 diversified companies as their customers. This acquisition was a critical near-term priority for the client as it helped in leveraging the deep expertise of the acquired firm in Wireless Networks’ planning and​ Performance Optimization​ services.

They wanted Zinnov to assist them with strong advisory capabilities for a smooth acquisition process which would be beneficial for both the companies.

How Zinnov helped

Zinnov acted as the project’s sole financial advisor to support this extremely significant acquisition process for the client. We started off by identifying the current gaps in the portfolio. Based on these gaps, we looked for potential targets that will help bridge them and enable the client to diversify their portfolio. The shortlisting was based on crucial parameters like – the right mix of technology, whether the company was open to transactions, the bandwidth in terms of talent to support operations, among other things.

Further, we developed a pipeline of actionable targets that could be evaluated extensively through regular interactions with the client on their goals.

After a thorough analysis of all the potential targets, we identified target company X from Portugal as a suitable fit for the client’s needs.

We came to the conclusion that company X’s portfolio would benefit the client to strengthen their Wireless Engineering practice and support Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

A comprehensive assessment was also conducted to assess company X’s overall business, geography, and market value.

The client also wanted to know how attractive the market of X is and whether it would be beneficial for the client from a future perspective. The market assessment also factored in the talent available in the market to support the operations for the client.

We also deduced that using the existing capabilities of X, the client would be able to help enterprises build networks to harness the power of 5G and drive their digital transformation journey.

In essence, the client had our support during transaction execution and received deep insights into how the acquisition will positively affect their business in the future.

Impact created

Our strategic financial advisory was beneficial to the client in acquiring a high-impact Engineering company and widening their portfolio. The acquisition strengthened the client’s presence in Europe and helped scale their wireless business across North America and Australia​ as well.

We also helped substantiate justifiable bids for an exclusive deal with the target company and arrived at strong benchmarks for the price ranges. This helped the client effectively close the acquisition at an excellent transaction value. Our expertise in Engineering and Tech services with strong advisory capabilities ensured favorable outcomes for the client.​

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