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A leading enterprise software company successfully tapped into India’s developer ecosystem

A leading enterprise software company successfully tapped into India’s developer ecosystem

Client’s challenge

A leading enterprise software company was looking to discover some of the best practices for developer evangelism in India. Their Chief Marketing Officer for the India office wanted to build a strong developer ecosystem.

As the developer market has become more competitive in recent times, developers are at the forefront of technology advancement. Resulting from the competition for talent, the client sought to adopt the best approach to build a stronger and more robust ecosystem of developers.

The client wanted Zinnov’s advisory to understand best practices to build this developer ecosystem – they wanted to dsitinguish themselves from their competitors in hiring and retaining top talent in the country.

How Zinnov helped

To help the client accomplish their goal, we recommended a phased approach to attract, retain, and leverage the developer community capabilities and strengthen the existing marketplace.

Zinnov begun with conducting a deep-dive analysis of the Developer Ecosystem. The overview study analysed:

  • Developers split by company type
  • Developers split by technology/application areas
  • Developer coverage for competing vendors

Using these multiple categorizations, the client was able to look at the ecosystem from different dimensions. This facilitated their efforts to target the best developer categories, with their near-term priorities as well as long-term plans in mind.

Having a clear image of what competitors are doing was critical for the client as well. To help them, Zinnov did a peer benchmarking with a competition analysis across developer engagement and education activities. Our research included critical metrics like audience coverage, investments, and technology focus area.

Based on research and analysis, we aggregated the best practices and recommendations that helped the client reach their desired goal of attracting and retaining talent while building a strong ecosystem of developers.

Impact created

Through our collaboration with the client, we succeeded in ideation and prioritization of the best and the most suitable practices for developer advocacy.

Zinnov developed an all-inclusive playbook for the client to run hackathons. Focused group discussions enabled them to attract the developer community in the country and drive engagement.

Ultimately, with our assistance, the client’s repositioning of their developer engagement approach through new marketing collaterals put them ahead of the competition in developer evangelism in India.

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