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A Global Tech giant expanded its market presence

A Global Tech giant expanded its market presence

Client’s challenge

A global technology giant was looking for long-term support in refining a strategy for its products and their marketing. The client required a detailed and regular flow of market intelligence and competitive players in the market. Specifically, they wanted to understand the new products being launched in the market by competitors, the potential collaborations within the industry ecosystem and profitable acquisitions to make.

Alongside understanding the market, the technology company was looking for business partners, which required the analysis of top ISVs and GSIs. The company also wanted to apply new business use-cases to help with potential revenue and achieving higher growth. This required the identification and analysis of priority use-cases. Once they were identified, the client wanted to estimate current and future dollar value of the revenue and growth potential, if these new use-cases were explored.

How Zinnov helped

Zinnov followed a multipronged research approach to outline the strategy for the client’s products and marketing. First, our team performed an analysis of the global retail and consumer goods industry to assess the competitor’s activities, product launches, and the potential for collaborations. After that, the team worked on understanding the client’s focus areas. They identified and studied prominent start-ups and ISVs, outlining partnership opportunities, and the use-cases that demonstrated revenue potential and more growth. Competitors, Enterprises, start-up and GSIs were studied deeply. Zinnov used its database and Zinnov’s internal Artificial Intelligence powered portal, Draup, for secondary research

to gather strategic insights across compete Retail and CG accounts.

Zinnov conducted extensive primary research using the client’s product teams and business unit team. Along with enterprises, Zinnov also approached start-ups and competitors to understand their product strategy, by interviewing their sales, alliance and marketing.

Impact created

The Zinnov team presented an extensive report based on the primary and secondary research conducted. This was categorized into key findings and highlighted market data on D2C, B2B2C and open B2B, along with yearly projections of the Total Addressable Market. Zinnov also presented the country wise data on the holdings of the B2B e-commerce market and regular market intelligence. To demonstrate the client’s their current strengths and solutions, the Zinnov team also produced collaterals such as whitepapers, blogs and solution maps.

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