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A global Digital powerhouse expanded its global footprint through a strategic acquisition

A global Digital powerhouse expanded its global footprint through a strategic acquisition

Client’s challenge

A portfolio company of the mid-Europa partners identified an Argentinian Digital Transformation firm as an acquisition-worthy asset to help scale their Engineering business.

The client was a global digital powerhouse with deep expertise in Digital Strategy, Design, Engineering, and Software Development. While the target firm was also serving some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies. This acquisition was a critical near-term priority for the client as it helped in leveraging the AAA software solutions of the target firm. The solutions are provided to Fintech, Crypto, Telecom, and Healthcare markets in the USA and Latin America and hence presented a viable scaling opportunity for the client.

They wanted Zinnov to assist them with strong advisory capabilities for a smooth acquisition process.

How Zinnov helped

Zinnov acted as the project’s sole financial advisor to support this extremely crucial acquisition process for the client. We also assisted the client in putting together an inorganic growth plan. In order to get started, we first learned about the client’s expectations for the target company as well as their business criteria for the acquisition. Based on these requirements and capabilities, a comprehensive picture of the landscape was designed and potential targets for this transaction were identified.

Our unparalleled connections across the globe and cross-border M&A capabilities helped us discover and shortlist significant targets for the client.

Keeping in mind the client’s primary objective of deepening Digital Engineering domain expertise in the Telecom, FinTech, Healthcare, Retail verticals and accelerating digital transformation, company X from Argentina was identified as a suitable target. Another criteria considered for shortlisting X, was their coherence with the near-shoring asset theme for asset identification.

Further, a deep-dive analysis was conducted to assess company X’s overall business, geography, and market value. The client wanted to know how attractive the market for X is and how it would be advantageous for them in the long run.

Through the research, we discovered that X’s presence in North America and Latin America would strengthen the client’s business in those geographies and will also boost global access.

Our strategic advisory capabilities in the Global Service Providers and Tech M&A ensured a well-ordered transaction for the client on this capability-building journey.

The seamless collaboration between the consulting and advisory teams ensured the best outcomes for the client.

Impact created

Our strategic financial advisory was beneficial to the client in acquiring a technologically advanced digital transformation firm. Through this collaboration, the client not only developed domain expertise in Telecom, Fintech, and Healthcare but also in the fields of Blockchain, Machine learning, and Cloud Computing which helped in the acceleration of agile product development.

We also worked together to substantiate justifiable bids for an exclusive deal with the target company and arrived at strong benchmarks for the price ranges. This helped the client effectively close the acquisition at an excellent transaction value.

The acquisition helped the client increase its global footprint and provide unmatched value to their customers.

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