Building Business Resilience In The Time of Crisis

Businesses are now adjusting to this new world order with COVID-19 at the core. Although several verticals have taken a hit due to this pandemic, businesses are already devising recovery plans, alternative routes to growth, and are building business resilience to get to the other side of COVID-19.

At Zinnov, we have taken a multi-pronged approach to analyze the impact of COVID-19 across industry verticals by looking at consumer spending/sentiment, public health impact, industry fiscal health, digital adoption, and digital and physical supply chain impact. In this report, we have analyzed verticals such as Aviation, Automotive, Telecom, Healthcare, etc.

Download this report to understand:

  • Why Enterprise Software firms have demonstrated higher resilience to COVID-19
  • What implication will the pandemic have on Service Providers across verticals
  • How globalization will transform in the post-COVID world
  • Why the Indian GCoE ecosystem is relatively better placed in terms of COVID impact
  • What key opportunities and priorities should IT and ER&D Service Providers focus on
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Building Business Resilience In The Time of Crisis


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