The Automation Imperative For Manufacturers & Distributors

Eliminate inefficient and costly manual work when processing sales orders and invoices



2020 was a defining year for the manufacturing and distribution industries as it led to an accelerated adoption of digital technologies to overcome operational and financial challenges induced by the pandemic. The automation of critical processes of strategic importance has emerged as a pivotal response capable of achieving untapped advantages and modernizing businesses to be future-ready.

Two business critical but support operations in the manufacturing and distribution industries – Sales Order Processing and Invoice Processing – are ripe for automation. While 80% of sales orders are still processed manually, invoice processing is riddled with inefficiencies, leading to 47% of all supplier payments running late. Both processes play a significant role in defining customer and supplier relations and experiences, and hence, are the top use cases that should be automated.

This Zinnov-Conexiom whitepaper on ‘The Automation Imperative for Manufacturers & Distributors,’ takes an in-depth view on the efficiencies delivered by automated processes and how leading manufacturers and distributors have successfully transformed their Sales Order and Invoice Processing operations to provide superior customer experience.

This whitepaper throws light on –

  • The key characteristics of the manufacturing and distribution industries,
  • How automation alleviates the challenges posed by manual processes,
  • Automation of Sales Order Processing and the efficiencies it brings in,
  • Automation of Invoice Processing and the benefits thereof.

Although the manufacturing and distribution organizations are reimagining their business processes and adapting to the new realities of digital technology adoption, automation can help these organizations to transform into visionary companies by investing in more contemporary, digitally savvy, and data-driven automation solutions.

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The Automation Imperative For Manufacturers & Distributors

Download the full whitepaper on ‘The Automation Imperative for Manufacturers & Distributors’ here, to optimize your processes and enhance customer experience.

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