Smart Integration, An Essential Building Block For Digital Platforms

Digital platforms are disrupting all facets of business, including customer engagement, risk management, workforce operations, and other enterprise functions. This disruption in business operations is leading to an increasing number of enterprises to adopt platforms to accelerate their digital transformation journey and remain competitive.

The ability to integrate various digital platforms and enterprise systems enable seamless workflows and unlock possibilities through analysis of data residing in different applications. Successful platforms do not just enable internal collaboration, but also allow companies to work with the external ecosystem.

Integration is broadly categorized into the following four categories:

  1. Platform Integration
  2. Enterprise Application Integration
  3. Data Integration
  4. Electronic Data Interchange

Different integration types are being leveraged by companies across verticals to drive seamless connectivity across applications, data sources, and tech platforms. The analysis of the application integration adoption across enterprises and verticals, further emphasizes the need for software companies to offer platforms and applications that are integration-ready and offer support for ingestion of data from different sources.

This Zinnov-Bristlecone whitepaper answers questions on –

  • Why a well-crafted strategy and operational model are essential for Smart Integration
  • How an effective Integration Factory approach can lead to integration success
  • How can enterprises overcome inherent integration challenges to achieve success
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Smart Integration, An Essential Building Block For Digital Platforms


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