Private Equity Investments In The Enterprise Software Space

Zinnov’s study titled, “Private Equity Investments in the Enterprise Software space,” evaluated the US Private Equity (PE) landscape, with a specific focus on Enterprise Software, analyzing 2500+ PE transactions including buyouts, growth capital investments, and add-on acquisitions in Enterprise Software in the last five years across the United States. For each transaction, Zinnov has investigated 20+ data points including PE AUM (Asset Under Management), deal size, software verticals & horizontals, valuation multiples, add-on transactions, etc., to assess why Enterprise Software is emerging as the go-to vertical for investments.

Download our latest report on PE investments in the Enterprise Software space, which covers –

  • Enterprise Software market growing through different eras
  • Massive PE investments in Enterprise Software
  • Getting higher multiples in Enterprise Software deals
  • Exits and value creation levers
  • Top 50 Enterprise Software PE firms
  • Key PE leaders
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Private Equity Investments in the Enterprise Software space


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