A Sign of the Times – The Work, Worker, Workplace Revolution

The global pandemic has accelerated the reimagination of the future of work, worker, and workplace exponentially, and has altered the way businesses function. Sarv Saravanan of Microsoft talks to Praveen Bhadada, Zinnov about how future of work is digital, flexible, and employee-centric and how the new normal will be redefined.

Rocketing to Success – The Mechanics of Sound Organizational Growth

In this episode, Andy Youniss, CEO of Rocket Software, lets us in what it took for him to build and scale a gamechanging company from scratch, his thought processes, and some best practices he swears by.

The ‘Crowd’ing Glory in an Enterprise’s Talent Arsenal

Crowdsourcing as a model not only helps enterprises accelerate innovation, but it is also a silver bullet in its talent arsenal. In this episode, Sumit Kaushik of Virtusa talks about this and much more.

The Great Digital Convergence: Bridging the Chasm between Natives and Migrants

Digital Engineering has been instrumental in bridging the chasm between Digital Natives and Digital Migrants, says Vijay Anand Guntur of HCL, in this podcast episode.

Connecting with Bill Gates: Networking in a Shrinking World

In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast, Nitika Goel, CMO of Zinnov, chats with MR Rangaswami, Founder of Sand Hill Group and Indiaspora, and a serial networker and network builder, about the core tenets of a network, the difference between a network and networking, and what it takes to build a network in the digital construct.

Forged in Chaos – Lessons To Be A Good Crisis Leader

In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast, V Laxmikanth (VLK), Managing Director of Broadridge India shares his perspectives on the leadership qualities of a good crisis leader, and what it takes for a leader to be effective to manage personal, organizational and people transformations in a turbulent business environment and at scale.

Hyper Intelligent Automation Strategy Redefining Businesses in A Post-Pandemic World

In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast, Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon Systems shares his insights on the rapidly evolving Hyper Intelligent Automation strategies and a cohesive hybrid automation approach to attended and unattended RPA and the role of the same in a modern workplace.

Democratizing Leadership: Leadership qualities that build organizational resilience

In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast, Jaya Kumar, Vice President and Managing Director of Sabre India shares how democratized leadership builds organizational resilience. Sabre a travel technology behemoth withstood the impact of COVID by democratizing leadership and honing crisis leadership qualities across the organization enabling it to respond effectively and with agility to the many unknows that emerged during this pandemic.

Rethinking the Retail Business from a People, Process, and Technology perspective

In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast, Sumit Mitra, CEO, Tesco Global Business Services, shares valuable insights on how Tesco and other retail business companies are solving for major customer pain points in a COVID world from a people, process, and technology perspective.

A Retail Revolution – How the Pandemic has Changed the DNA of the Retail Business

In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast, Sumit Mitra, CEO of Tesco Global Business Services talks about the current state of the retail industry and how retailers are transforming themselves to go beyond resilience to deliver value.