M.A.D. Valuations


Zinnov’s M.A.D. Valuations series is where we unravel the nuances of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, from across the technology ecosystem, with expert analyses from the industry’s best. From emerging trends to the best practices for a successful deal, we give you an insider look into the world of technology M&A deals.

Latest Episodes

Show me the Money: How PEs and Companies Engage, Zinnov Podcast by Eric Johnson

Show me the Money: How PEs and Companies Engage

With Eric Johnson | CEO | Nintex
27 Oct, 2021 | 32:43

Zinnov’s Praveen Bhadada, Managing Partner, converses with Eric to unbundle the nuances and intricacies of working with a PE player, Eric’s first-hand experiences of leveraging PE firms to grow Nintex, and the traits necessary for a CXO to make working with a PE partner a success. Tune into this video podcast and take away interesting and insightful food for thought.