Global Engineering 2.0

by Preeti Anand – Practice Head, Zinnov; Amita Goyal – Engagement Lead, Zinnov; Anant Dhir – Senior Consultant

Global Engineering

Snapshots from Zinnov’s latest whitepaper on Global Engineering 2.0.

  • Many global companies are spending as much as 15% of their revenues on innovation.
  • Zinnov’s study on the top R&D spenders from 13 industries shows that MNC R&D presence is continuing to move eastwards.
  • By 2020, R&D talent working in global locations will outgrow the number in the HQ locations.
  • A scattered R&D footprint across the globe is a common result of unstructured globalization.
  • Hence, Global Engineering 2.0 is the need of the hour, and how this holistic approach helps accelerate business objectives.
  • The 3 primary approaches to Global Engineering 2.0 include Emerging Location Maturity approach, Product Roadmap approach, and Optimal Cost Structureapproach.
  • Emerging Location Maturity approach is addressed in this whitepaper. This approach uses a 2-step methodology to outline the Global Engineering 2.0 strategy:
    • Global Product Portfolio Analysis
    • Location Persona and Global Center Assessment

‘Global Engineering 2.0’ is a strategic approach to consolidate and rebalance an organization’s R&D footprint while enabling investment in new areas.

Access this whitepaper by clicking here

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