Digital Supply Chain Management – Building A Threat Resilient Supply Chain


The supply chain ecosystem is the lifeline of multiple verticals, which was impacted severely by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, the supply chain ecosystem faced a multitude of threats from natural disasters to geopolitical events and much more. Add in the disruptive impact of digital technologies such as Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), Hyper Intelligent Automation (HIA), and Blockchain, and the need to bolster existing supply chain ecosystems is underscored.

In an effort to ensure the resiliency of the supply chain ecosystem across the value chain, companies across verticals have started investing in revamping their supply chains by leveraging digital technologies. A recent Zinnov report revealed that by 2022, US logistics companies will be spending more than USD 80Bn on digital technologies. To meet this rising demand for digital technologies, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) too have had to dramatically augment their offerings. A few ISVs have already started this process, but completing it in a short period of time is quite difficult.

This Bristlecone-Zinnov whitepaper examines the various threats faced by supply chain ecosystems and how enterprises are leveraging digital technologies to combat them. Additionally, the whitepaper also touches upon –

  • the 5 different kinds of threats faced by supply chains
  • the role of digital technologies in threat mitigation
  • the evolution of supply chain solutions
  • the Digital Augmentation framework and how companies can move up in maturity
  • the nuances of building a digital supply chain management system

Building resiliency in supply chains has become a top priority for companies in the wake of COVID-19, which has further increased the demand for digitally enhanced SCM solutions. In fact, digital augmentation is no longer optional for supply chain ISVs, but an imperative. Learn more about building threat-resilient digital supply chain management solutions and ecosystems in this whitepaper.

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Digital Supply Chain Management – Building A Threat Resilient Supply Chain

Download this comprehensive report on Digital Supply Chain Management – Building a Threat Resilient Supply Chain for insights on the nuances of bringing resiliency in supply chain ecosystems in the face of disruptions.

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