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A leading Cloud Software provider fortified its presence in the IT Infra space

A leading Cloud Software provider fortified its presence in the IT Infra space

Client’s challenge

A leading Cloud software provider was struggling against the competition and was looking for means to promote its position within the enterprise modern IT Infrastructure solution space. The task for Zinnov was to build a series of thought-leaderships and conduct webinars that would bolster the client’s proposition in the market.

How Zinnov helped

We approached the clients challenge by first assessing the Retail market landscape. We then studied the current scenario in the Retail industry from a technology solutions maturity perspective and identified emerging technology use cases across the value chain of the Retail vertical. This would be leveraged by the client for lead generation.

Post this, we outlined the addressable opportunity by identifying the limitations within the existing technologies around infrastructure and data center modernization. Lastly, we populated the findings and built a detailed whitepaper

Impact created

Our partnership with the client resulted in a transformative experience.

The findings of the whitepaper revealed valuable insights into why Retail companies are increasingly adopting modern IT infrastructure. This resulted in the client understanding the importance of online and offline channel integration and helped reimagine the client’s approach towards critical use cases within the Retail industry.

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