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A Fortune 100 company optimized business verticals and developed market intelligence

A Fortune 100 company optimized business verticals and developed market intelligence

Client’s challenge

A global Fortune 100 Software Provider intended on building an in-depth understanding of their major ISV partners and the best practices to engage with the 4 major competing hyperscalers (AWS, GCP, IBM, and Salesforce). They also wanted to understand the current partnership model between the hyperscale cloud providers and the global independent service vendors (GISVs), the kind of support that the hyperscalers were offering the ISVs, and the expectations of the GISVs to improve their partnership models and offerings.

How Zinnov helped

Zinnov began the engagement work by shortlisting and analyzing 20 GISV partners. We then took up secondary research to gather in-depth insights around the core areas that are aligned to the hyperscaler partnerships of each of the GSIV partners. These areas include the dedicated talent from the hyperscaler aligned to each partner, the investments, strategic initiatives & enablement, and support across lifecycle areas that offer POC and solution development, sales & marketing, partner enablement, and technical support.

The Zinnov team conducted secondary research on the market landscape, and this data was further validated by another round of primary research. Our team interacted with the stakeholders such as cloud solution architects, cloud delivery manager, BU heads, architects, pre-sales, senior developers, on-site deployed resources, the analyst and sales teams of ISVs across the partners.

Impact created

Our research yielded significant market intelligence to the client. The team presented the business and technical attributes of the partners across 4 categories: cloud infrastructure, telecom, cloud MSPs, and resellers & distributors. We also recommended engagements and business models for each partner, along with a detailed draft of their business overview, verticals, assessment of their talent, and the services and solutions that are a part of their offerings.

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