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A leading Network & Telecom company underwent a brand facelift

A leading Network & Telecom company underwent a brand facelift

Client’s challenge

A leading Network & Telecom company wanted to reassess its sourcing strategy and identify strategic global R&D outsourcing partners who can provide value-based services and help to achieve specific business goals.

The client was looking for effective branding strategies for 3 critical stakeholders — Center, Management team, and Internal.

To create a stronghold in the market and as part of the employer value proposition, it was critical to improve the brand image of the India Center among existing and prospective employees, student communities, and technology experts.

They also wanted to create visibility for India Management as thought leaders in the technology and payments domain.

And finally, for internal branding, they sought to enhance their brand image among internal employees and increase the visibility of the India Center with the client’s global leadership.

How Zinnov helped

To devise effective branding strategies, it was essential to analyze what the client’s competitors were doing so that we could uncover best practices and any specific areas of improvement.

We started by identifying and benchmarking India’s top peer GICs in terms of employer and internal branding.

This was followed by designing a robust branding strategy leveraging peer GIC benchmarking and SME(subject matter experts) interviews.

After comparing and selecting the top competitors, it was crucial to develop a powerful and distinct brand image that appeals to the target audience. To accomplish this goal, we followed the path of optimization analytics and created a value-optimized (impact v/s cost) schedule of ATL(Above the line) and BTL(Below the line) branding activities for the client to carry them out in a phased manner.

Finally, a dedicated Program Manager was deployed on-site for 6 months to effectively implement the branding strategy for the client and oversee the entire project.

Impact created

The client was able to achieve their internal and external branding goals with the creation of a value-optimized marketing plan consisting of 18 branding activities. Some of the samples of branding activities designed were:

  • Social Mass Media Campaign
  • Print Mass Media Campaign
  • TEDx Event
  • Peer Group Engagement
  • India Success Story Deck
  • Work-life Balance Program

To bridge any communication gaps and address on-ground challenges, Zinnov assigned a dedicated on-site Program Manager for the successful and effective implementation of the branding activities.

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