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A Digital Engineering Services company revamped its brand visibility

A Digital Engineering Services company revamped its brand visibility

Client’s challenge

A pure-play Digital Engineering Service Provider wanted to achieve better market visibility, being unsatisfied with their current efforts and outcomes. They were looking to build and implement strategies to increase their brand’s visibility among their existing and prospective customer base and create an excellent recall value.

How Zinnov helped

The Zinnov team streamlined efforts to increase brand awareness for the services company. The team proposed that an efficient way to highlight the brand value and relevance of the Digital Engineering company would be to organize market visibility activities. We curated round-table conferences across Europe and the US to target specific vertical clients, which helped uncover the nuances of the issues prevalent in the industry, and helped in brand the organization as thought leaders and experts.

In another branding exercise, the team organized exclusive workshops for the prospective clients. Whitepapers and case studies were drafted with the help of the client, and marketed efficiently. Zinnov also partnered with the company to enable flagship events that reached over 4000 people.

Impact created

Zinnov’s approach and marketing methods highlighted the company’s offerings and expertise in the industry, thus improving their market visibility through recognition. The activities curated as a part of the marketing plan, including whitepapers and case studies, established the client as a thought leader in the eyes of the customers. The exclusive workshops and webinars organized for the prospective clients also helped the company connect strategically with the prospects, who would convert as customers in the future, thus increasing the company’s revenue significantly.

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