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We at Zinnov assist our clients improve organization efficiency, innovation and revenue by leveraging global resources and markets. We offer deep expertise in Engineering, Digital and Globalization.

Global Insights Shaping Strategies.

Zinnov has been at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership. Our over a decade experience in globalization helps us in understanding customer problems and coming up with viable solutions. We assist our clients in addressing globalization challenges by offering customers insights, data, and implementation support to address their challenges. Our in-depth experience is driven by our focus on engineering and digital practice areas.

Engineering & Digital Excellence

Our offerings are structured to help our customers across multiple critical milestones on their journey to achieve Engineering & Digital Excellence. Our Engineering & Digital Excellence services assist our clients in setting up of global in-house centres, and enterprise digital labs, increasing global footprint and vendor management.

Global Accelerator Platform (GAP)

Global Accelerator Platform (GAP) provides a platform where companies can collaborate to address varied industry wide challenges such as cost escalation and talent shortage by sharing their experience and/or based on research. The GAP members get to participate in networking events, knowledge sessions, together with access to research reports and benchmark data.

Growth Advisory & Performance Consulting

We offer our clients customized insights that help them in assessing market opportunities and thereby assisting them in adopting a suitable go-to-market strategy. We also assist our clients in targeting the right customers in emerging markets, identifying their needs, and designing solutions for them.

Enterprise Digital Transformation (EDT)

With digitization disrupting the traditional business landscape, digital transformation has emerged as the next big trend! Digital transformation involves driving business model transformation through digital technologies. We at Zinnov under EDT initiative help our clients in implementing a digital roadmap by working in collaboration, and providing them access to various tools and frameworks to assess their digital readiness.

Global In-House Center (GIC) Setup

GICs have become an important component of the global services market today. They have expanded into significant entities which offer more than cost advantage. With our GIC setup initiative, we extend support to our client throughout the entire GIC setup process. This involves identifying the best suitable location, building the right charter for the center, implementing industry best practices to manage the center, and facilitating growth for achieving strategic objectives.

Return to India

The India growth story and a new stable government have opened up attractive avenues for foreign investment. Our RTI initiative is one of its kind initiatives to bring Indian talent employed in the technology sector in the US back to India. The program offers an opportunity to Indians abroad explore various avenues to return, ranging from exploring entrepreneurship, joining India presence of a multinational, to being a part of successful Indian tech ventures.


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