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13 Mar, 2017, Press Release

Zinnov Confluence 2017 – Bay Area a mega success

Confluence witnessed the participation From Over 400 Delegates from approximately 100 companies ...

2 Mar, 2017, Press Release

Co-founders Vijay Swami and Vamsee Tirukkala Rejoin Zinnov

Zinnov announced the return of its two Co-founders, Vijay Swami and Vamsee Tirukkala. They will join...

6 Feb, 2017, Yourstory

The rise of m-commerce; play game to your advantage

The mobile commerce market in India is set to reach a massive $19 billion by 2019 from the current $2 billion

30 Jan, 2017, Voice & Data

Startups go after… AI, Beacon, Blockchain technologies

New technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Beacons are evolving at an ...

January 30, 2017, DataQuest

Salary increase for 2016 at R&D GICs rose to 11.9%

The study indicated that lucrative offers from digital native companies, growth in the number ...

January 13, 2017, FirstPost

Research in India Part 1: Local solutions needed to deal with unique problems

The topic of research and development in India is an oft-debated one. There are plenty of ...

December 8, 2016, Yahoo! News

Global Retail spend on Digital Services stands at USD 70 Bn (2016); to reach USD 150 Bn (2020)

The report provides a snapshot of a digitally-enabled modern retail enterprise and how digital tech ...

November 29, 2016, India Infoline

Current Domain name industry in India stands at 4.9 million, says Zinnov

Zinnov pointed out that the Domain name industry in India has grown by a CAGR of 11.9% ...

October 27, 2016, INC 42

India To Become Breeding Ground For 10,500 Tech Startups By 2020

According to a report released by NASSCOM in collaboration with Zinnov ...

October 5, 2016, Press Release

Investor Funding in AI startups has Increased 10 Fold Over Last 5 Years

The Global Startup Distribution for AI Stands at $14.28 Billion, With US Dominating the Startup Landscape...


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