Offshoring BPO Demand 2006

Zinnov predicts that third party advisers will increasingly become more important to BPO transactions going forward because very few organizations will look to do a complicated BPO transaction without hiring an advisor. Many companies have had goof ups in the past because they didn’t really know what to outsource, when to outsource and how to outsource. Third party advisors bring in an objective and knowledgeable perspective to the whole situation and are able to guide companies better. Some third party advisors not only provide the strategic recommendation, but also help in right contract structuring. Many companies do not even know what to put into the contract and the SLA. Advisors help to define the requirements and expectations. In fact there are some advisors which even go a step further than this and help companies assess the performance of the third party vendor and suggest improvement. Such advisory services are invaluable to the companies as they can get the most out the outsourcing decision.

Zinnov predicts that the importance of Third Party BPO Advisors will keep increasing going forward

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