Offshoring Trend – Silicon Valley’s top 50 ISV comapnies

Snapshots from Zinnov’s recent study on Offshoring – The Silicon Valley Trend.

  • 93% (14 out of 15) of the top Software companies in the Silicon Valley have development related operations in India.
  • Bangalore is the preferred location for setting up captive centers or third party vendor partnerships.
  • While over 90% of these large software companies have their own offshore captive centers in India, majority of them also have significant vendor engagements (outsourced to 3rd party) which bring flexibility in size and expertise in non-core activities to the company

“Offshoring – The Silicon Valley Trend” is an informal study on the offshoring practices of leading 50 companies analyzing the various perspectives and listing the key findings which gives an updated commentary on offshoring practices of such companies.

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