Stories of Resilience
Saluting Everyday Heroes

Celebrating the power and tenacity of the human spirit during unprecedented times.

About The Project

2020-21 can easily be described as one of the most challenging time periods this generation has ever experienced. While countries across the globe are still recovering from the economic, social, healthcare and geopolitical shocks of the pandemic, we also saw the emergence of communities of resilience, civic leadership, fast-tracked marvels in medicine and front-line heroism like we have never seen before. While most companies had the luxury of adapting to a completely remote workplace, there were sections of society for whom work-from-home was simply not an option. The pandemic saw the rise of everyday heroes, who became a beacon of hope in their communities during some of the darkest times our generation has experienced. Through their fearlessness to take on adversity head-on and their tenacity to think of the collective rather than just themselves, they have become shining examples of the importance and resilience of community advocacy. Aligned with Zinnov’s own business strategy that focuses on building and nurturing antifragile and robust communities, Stories of Resilience: Saluting Everyday Heroes is a humble endeavor to shine a spotlight on some of these everyday warriors who leveraged their resources to create roadmaps of success and commemorates the tenacity of the human spirit and the power of togetherness.

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