"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - An African proverb

Zinnov, in its role as an ecosystem enabler, is launching a pan-India community-wide initiative to enable job opportunities for tech talent displaced due to COVID-19. Our OUTPLACEMENT initiative aims to bridge the gap by facilitating the movement of talent from companies that are reducing their workforces, to those that can’t fill their job openings fast enough.

The scale of impact of COVID-19 and the imminent recession will have far-reaching consequences for the industry. What ‘business as usual’ means from a people, process, business, and customer perspective will continue to remain in a state of flux.

In the current situation, organizations find themselves faced with two scenarios where they – 1) Scale back operations or 2) Grow – both anchored around talent. The reality however, is that, in the current unpredictable business climate, talent will become a sacrifice that many companies will have to make.

Be a part of the network that ensures that OUR talent is not left behind.

Zinnov’s OUTPLACEMENT initiative aims to:

  • Help technologists displaced, get back to work
  • Enable organizations that are growing, get access to a high-quality talent pool
  • Assist organizations facing de-growth ensure that their displaced talent is taken care of
  • Bring together the community to reduce the overall impact of this crisis, especially on people

Join us in our endeavor to leave no person behind, as we prepare ourselves for the next normal.

Zinnov will enable the OUTPLACEMENT initiative through a 3-step process:


Solicit interest from companies experiencing growth or de-growth through a survey


Connect with the company to gain a better understanding of their needs


Match-make aligning companies by initiating 1-1 connects to explore possible collaboration

Who should participate?

  • GCoEs/GCCs
  • Indian Large Enterprises
  • Service Provider Organizations
  • Start-ups

Program Partners


Open Positions


Positions open for hiring


Profiles available for Outplacement


Data privacy and security is of paramount importance to us. All data shared with the Zinnov team will be stored in a secure database, with restricted access, secured by a double opt-in. The data and information collected from you/your organization will be accessible only to the project team to enable future connects and validation purposes.

Within 48hrs of submitting your responses to the survey, you will receive an email from the Zinnov team for a suitable time to connect. Once the time has been set up via email(s), you/your team will receive a call on a mutually-agreeable time to collect further information, within the next 7 business days.

Once you submit your responses to us through the survey, the Zinnov team will set up an initial call to understand your organization’s needs. Based on your needs and submissions from other participants, we will look for and shortlist potential matches, which will first be shared with the team that is witnessing headcount reduction. We will then reach out to organizations expanding their teams for a double opt-in, and only then make a warm introduction.

The double opt-in process built in to the Zinnov Outplacement initiative will ensure that this doesn’t happen. Priority is given to the team and organization that is letting go of talent.

It depends on the scale at which your organization is hiring or looking to help your employees get outplaced. We would require your company to have a primary point of contact (POC) who can coordinate and connect with the Zinnov Outplacement project team regularly. It is recommended that this POC be someone from the HR team. This will ensure easier communications and quicker decisions.

This initiative is focused on technologists with skills around technologies such as Cloud, Data Sciences, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Intelligent Automation, etc.

The initiative is predominantly geared towards technology centers across all industry segments such as Software & Internet, Telecom & Networking, Professional Services, Industrial, BFSI, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Semiconductors, FMCG, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Zinnov’s Outplacement network is exclusively a B2B program at this point in time. Individuals interested in participating in this program need to route their requests through their respective organizations.

Our intention through this initiative is to leave no one behind and to keep quality talent within the ecosystem. Therefore, currently, the initiative doesn’t have an associated cost. However, if an organization requires Zinnov to facilitate a specific talent need, such requests will be addressed on a case-to-case basis.

Join us as we aim to ensure that there is no one left behind

If you have any questions, connect with us at info@zinnov.com