Intelligent Automation Reimagining The BPO Value Chain

The BPO industry has come a long way since its inception and is currently undergoing a transformation that will underscore its importance. At the core of this transformation is Intelligent Automation (IA), which is revolutionizing the BPO industry. IA is transforming BPO companies from being mere process handlers to becoming true process owners. Successful adoption and scaling of IA provide BPO companies a competitive edge as well as better positioning vis-à-vis their peers.

IA has affected every aspect of the BPO value chain – be it horizontal functions such as Finance & Accounting (F&A), Marketing, Sales, and Support, and Human Resources (HR), or industry-specific functions such as Revenue Cycle Management under Healthcare and Claims Management under Insurance. Automating processes across these functions has not only helped organizations unlock unparalleled cost savings, but also enhanced productivity and improved customer experience.


This Zinnov-Automation Anywhere whitepaper on Intelligent Automation reimagining the BPO value chain delves deeper into three major business functions – F&A, Marketing, Sales, and Support, and HR. It will provide –

  • A market-level view of the business function
  • The IA adoption rate across key sub-processes
  • A deep dive into two major use cases within each of the functions
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Intelligent Automation Reimagining The BPO Value Chain

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