Intelligent Automation Disrupting The BPO Industry

Over the years, the BPO industry has consistently reinvented itself and innovated across generations. With an enhanced focus on leveraging new-age technologies, Intelligent Automation (IA) has had the most profound impact on the industry. BPO players who can innovate and adopt Outsourcing 2.0 led by IA are the ones who will not only survive but also thrive and grow financially.

With IA disrupting the BPO industry across the value chain and across horizontal and industry-specific processes, this Zinnov whitepaper written in partnership with Automation Anywhere, delves into the nitty-gritties of this disruption in detail. While industries such as Banking & Financial Services (BFS), Insurance, and Healthcare are leading the race for IA adoption for outsourced processes, enterprises in industries such as Telecom & Media, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Public Sector have initiated their IA journeys, but are yet to see its widespread adoption.


This Zinnov-Automation Anywhere whitepaper on Intelligent Automation disrupting the BPO industry provides answers to questions such as –

  • How is IA bolstering the performance of BPO players?
  • What role are partnerships with third-party IA platforms playing in enterprises’ automation-related efforts?
  • How critical is setting up an IA-centric Center of Excellence when scaling enterprise-wide RPA deployment?
  • What are the core performance metrics for BPO players to drive key business outcomes for their customers?
  • What are the key tenets of a successful IA strategy?
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RPA Disrupting The BPO Industry

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