Indo-Japanese business partnerships have always been known to create exponential value. In this forum, we aim to discuss, learn, and identify growth opportunities for building a stronger relationship between India and Japan which allows for a great deal of collaboration and knowledge sharing. The forum shines a spotlight on the Indian GCoE ecosystem, its levers of value creation, and the cultural and structural nuances that will help you leverage a center before.

Join us in to understand ‘Why India and how to create value from India?’ and become a part of a community that can help you make more informed decisions and drive incredible value for your business.

Key Discussion Areas

  • The intent of this Forum, is to create an on-going collaborative ecosystem, and knowledge sharing networking platform for Japanese enterprises
  • Discuss, Learn and identify growth opportunities towards building a stronger Indo-Japan relationship
  • Discuss on key trends in Indian GCoE ecosystem and how to drive value from Indian GCoEs
  • We would need your support to drive this forum effectively, and build an enriching community together