Banking and Financial Services companies are investing more than ever in digital technologies such as 5G, AI/ML, Cloud, Data Science, Blockchain etc. These investments are being driven by customer demand with the growing reliance on online services booming during the pandemic, and the need to differentiate from other new market entrants in technology companies and fintech start-ups.

The fifth generation of mobile networks offers a clear advantage over previous cellular technologies in terms of the speed of data transfer. It is a key enabler for emerging technologies like Edge Computing and AI, and promises to enhance the capabilities of banks in executing complex tasks in near real-time.

With the ability to support a million devices per km2 and a single digit latency, banks can now provide a differentiated omni-channel experience powered by 5G to its customers. For example, the technology can transform touchpoints such as ATMs, customer service, mobile banking, and enable low latency AR/VR use cases.

Key Discussion Areas

This roundtable will focus on the following areas of Banking and Financial Services:

  • What are the top technologies and innovations that are driving the digitization?
  • What are the key use cases that can be enabled/enhanced through digital technologies?
  • What are the challenges in the adoption and scaling of digital technologies & solutions across corporate applications and operations?
  • How is 5G expected to help accelerate digitization strategy and adoption of use cases?
  • How can 5G enable financial inclusion? How are banks looking at adopting this technology and how long will the process of adoption take? Are there any key use cases that could be enabled right away through 5G?
  • How should the ecosystem (digital platform providers, technology vendors, start-ups, and system integrators) collaborate closely to build 5G-led use cases?