Various industries are already showing the benefits of immersive technologies, and this is driving many organizations to adapt AR/VR strategies to gain market share while out gaming their competitors.

Join us in this webinar where we examine the current and future opportunities posed by Augmented and Virtual Reality and share the latest trends and use cases in which AR/VR technologies are transforming enterprises, and how organizations can leverage these innovative technologies into their business processes. We will also discuss ways in which AR/VR technologies are stirring up various industries from education, healthcare, event management, real estate, hospitality, training, sales/collaboration to supply chain & logistics, and more.

Key Discussion Areas

  • For those organizations that are on the sidelines looking at AR/VR, why now is the right time to start working with these immersive technologies?
  • What are the latest trends on AR/VR technologies?
  • What are some benefits of AR/VR and how are they important in today’s world?
  • How are different industries shaping up the future of VR/AR?
  • Can you share some Use cases on how enterprises can leverage AR/VR and to transform their respective organizations
  • What are some obstacles to adoption? What must organizations do to get started with these immersive technologies?
  • How can VR/AR be made accessible? When will we reach critical mass? What will it take to get there?