The future of work is HYBRID. Caught off guard by the pandemic, enterprises had two choices: derail or drift the curve! Enterprises that embraced the global upheaval as an opportunity accelerated ahead on the path of being future-ready. In these new ways of working, mature organizations have started working to humanize work, uplift the workforce, and create a working environment conducive to seamless collaboration, creativity, and innovation at scale. In this round table, we further explore the evolution of Work, Worker, and Workplace as three deeply connected dimensions of any organization.

The key focus of the session is to gain an in-depth view of how the fortune global enterprises are decoding the W3 transformation in building more resiliency, ensuring business continuity while driving growth. Creating an ideal playbook for a digital tomorrow by changing the way we conceive work, plan workforce upskilling and reskilling, and design workplaces.

Key Discussion Areas

  • Key initiatives adopted by enterprises to ensure growth
  • Changing priorities in areas of technology investments
  • Future strategies adopted by various enterprises
  • Role of Technology and robust IT Infra and other mega trends
  • Industry insights from Zinnov based on a primary interviews, surveys, secondary research and analysis across W3 transformation

Who Should Attend:

HR Head, CHRO & HR Director



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