The current pandemic has affected technology spends in certain areas, but it has also accelerated digital transformation efforts in core business areas for enterprises across the board. With consumer behaviour shifting rapidly, enterprises have leaned on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big data, and analytics to identify bottlenecks in processes, forecast risks, match demand and supply, diversify product portfolio, optimize costs, and improve customer experience. With reliable metrics and insights to monitor the health of businesses, and course correct accordingly, investments in data and analytics have proven to be critical as response tools for enterprises.

As enterprises prepare to realign themselves to the new normal, it will be imperative to double down on a data-driven approach to cater to the dynamic market conditions. As enterprises across the world plan recovery measures, data, and analytics will have to be at the core of all technology planning. From using AI algorithms to create optimum work schedules for employees, reducing operating costs, improving operational efficiency; to improving customer experience, analytics will multiple critical roles in enterprise recovery and growth in the new business environment.

Join us as we bring together leaders from a diverse set of industries to discuss the crucial role that analytics has played as a response tool in the current pandemic and how it can act as a core technology for enterprise recovery and growth plans.

Key Discussion Areas

  • What are the key areas that data and analytics played a crucial role in immediate response measures for enterprises?
  • What are the core business processes that analytics will provide the most value in the new normal?
  • How is the role of data and analytics expected to evolve in the product designing and development process for enterprises?
  • How is data privacy and consumer approach to data sharing expected to evolve?
  • What are the different approaches that enterprises can take for data monetization in the new normal?