The focus of care delivery is shifting towards measuring outcomes such as safety of care, re-admissions, patient experience, etc. as the healthcare industry continues to increase adoption of a value-based care approach. Virtual care, evolving slow and steadily over the past several years, is now turning out to be the forerunner for delivering on these outcomes.

Virtual care is playing a pivotal role in the current healthcare crisis by ensuring that non-critical patients can receive all the necessary interventions without necessarily visiting the hospital. Telehealth and remote monitoring reimbursements have helped reduce the financial implications for patients and providers.

Relaxed regulations, favorable reimbursement options, and technological progress have provided an accelerated push towards its widespread adoption in the ecosystem. Patients and healthcare stakeholders are starting to realize the multiple benefits of virtual care and are most likely to continue this journey in the long run even in the post-COVID world.

In this session, we bring along the entire healthcare ecosystem of Providers, Payers, and Medical Devices, and Pharma onto the same platform to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by the rapidly evolving landscape of virtual care.

Key Discussion Areas

  • What will be the role of virtual care in the evolving healthcare delivery systems?
  • What are the key use cases that virtual care can address by keeping the patient’s interests at the core of its implementation?
  • What are the opportunities that virtual care will create for the healthcare ecosystem?
  • What are the key challenges with respect to the rapid adoption of virtual care?
  • What should be the key things to focus on while implementing/scaling any virtual care initiatives?

Join us for an insightful session on how virtual care has enabled healthcare systems to extend patient care beyond the four walls of hospitals and clinics. All attendees will also get access to discussion post the event.



Uma Shankar R

VP & GM, Digital Transformation Services


Eric Cannan

Eric Cannan

Sr. Director – Telehealth

Mount Sinai Health System

Eric Cannan

Rakesh Mehta

Director Virtual Health

Memorial Hermann Health System


Sidhant Rastogi

Managing Partner & Global Head