In today’s world of increasing competition, platform, product, and service organizations from across verticals have begun to hypercharge their Channel Marketing Strategies in order to continue scaling, growing, gaining competitive advantages, and strengthening their capabilities, revenues, and profits. And while these Channel Marketing Strategies can be both intricate and multi-dimensional, they do share commonalities when it comes to the challenges they face and the problems they need to solve for.

Key Discussion Areas

  • How to supercharge your marketing enablement strategies to effectively engage your partners?
  • How best to leverage cross-channel communications in your partners’ strategies?
  • How to deploy marketing support efficiently and effectively in your onboarding process, from the start?
  • What must platform, product, and service organizations do to continuously deliver customer success alongside partners?
  • What are the keys to reduce churn and accelerate growth?
  • How to engage remote channels and build rapport with partners, in the era of the new remote work?
  • How to measure partner success effectively, in alignment with the organization’s OKRs (leads, conversions, closing velocity & rates, revenue, profitability, etc.), and help build successful and repeatable models?



Hina Shah

Enterprise Sales Leader, Hybrid Cloud, Financial Markets



Jim Griffin

Vice President Global SI Partnerships

Eightfold AI


Marie-Michèle Caron

Senior Vice President, Global Channel & Alliances

Coveo Software


Amit Sinha

President & Chief Customer Officer



Sean Bouani


Zinnov (Session Chair)