As per a Zinnov report, the Global Cloud services market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.5% to reach ~USD 1 Tn by 2028, with over ~80% enterprises continue to embrace Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud strategies.

Hybrid/Multi-cloud are often used interchangeably but they differ slightly. While Hybrid Cloud means using Public Cloud technologies alongside traditional non-Cloud systems, Multi-Cloud refers to using multiple Public Cloud technologies simultaneously for different workloads.

COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a de facto catalyst for establishing the value and flexibility of Cloud Computing, accelerating the adoption of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud. As various industries throughout the world began transitioning to remote working in the wake of pandemic, it has become imperative for the technology leaders to develop a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy roadmap.

Zinnov is collaborating with Nutanix and is hosting an exclusive roundtable (in-person event), to discuss strategies and best practices while operating in a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environment.

Key Discussion Areas

  • Why has the adoption of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments accelerated post-pandemic?
  • What are the key challenges faced by enterprises in migrating workloads to multiple Clouds?
  • Which workloads should run in what type of Cloud?
  • Best practices to be adopted to ensure interoperability and security while deploying workloads on multiple Clouds
  • Playbook for a successful Cloud migration

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