Over the last two decades, Zinnov’s ‘Globalization Excellence’ team has helped global companies set up global centers and develop them into world-class transformation hubs. Catering to the entire value chain of globalization, our three primary service offerings are Global center of excellence (GCoE) setup and scale strategy, Global engineering optimization, and outsourcing advisory.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that by 2026, the shortage of engineers in the US will exceed 1.2M. And with only 550k STEM graduates every year, this projection is expected to increase further. More than ever, there is an increasing need for companies to optimize their resources quickly and efficiently. Global companies are increasingly availing global talent hotspots to fulfil their unmet talent needs.

Large companies have found immense value in creating Global Centers of Excellence (GCoE), a global insourced team of full-time employees (FTE) who work in alignment with the vision and culture of the company, which extend beyond the traditional GCC/GIC models, to attract and retain global talent, establish expertise, and drive innovation. What is the trigger for this paradigm shift, when outsourcing has been a go-to model for most of the context work, from an Engineering perspective?

The session will unravel thought-provoking perspectives from our ‘Globalization Excellence’ practice, highlighting a methodical and templated approach towards a robust Global Center of Excellence (GCoE) Setup Strategy that will enable companies to have a product innovation roadmap in sync with their business goals.

Key Discussion Areas

  • Discover the global hotspots for building high-quality engineering & IT teams
  • Learn why companies are preferring the Global Center of Excellence (GCoE) model over BOT or outsourcing models
  • Learn how to build world-class GCoE with top-notch infrastructure, high impact HR policies to attract and retain quality talent, and a partner ecosystem conducive for cutting edge innovation
  • Insights on companies that successfully created efficiencies by optimizing their global engineering footprint



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