Pressure from consumers, investors, and policymakers toward a lower-carbon future is propelling enterprises across industries to pursue sustainability goals aggressively. Like the other sectors, O&G companies are feeling pressure from all sides to reduce emissions and are stepping up their sustainability commitments. Advancements in digital technology, such as IoT, digital twins, and AI-enabled energy-management platforms, promise to drive green outcomes across product innovation and operations.

Adapting to the newly emerging realities of global energy landscape, O&G enterprises are embracing new age technologies to successfully pivot towards clean-tech energy vision

Key Discussion Areas

  • Learn how can digitization help enterprises in driving green outcomes
  • Gain better understanding about key technologies to focus on in driving sustainability engineering initiatives
  • What are the potential roadblocks while embarking journey towards sustainability and how to overcome?
  • What metrics can be used to measure the efficacy of the sustainable practices?
  • Understand the importance of collaboration and partnerships in addressing sustainability related challenges and opportunities