We are on the cusp of another digital revolution. Previously, startups led the digital transformation journey across various facets: Technology, talent and business models. Likes of Spotify, Uber and other start-ups disrupted many industries and blindsided the traditional enterprises. Now the tides have changed as Enterprises are bringing in digital talent, investing in startups and leading the transformation journey. Technologies such as AI, IoT, 5G are set to change the corporates from their core. Their ability to automate and optimize will push the businesses to embark on their transformation 2.0 journey.

Key Discussion Areas

  • How industries are undergoing a digital metamorphosis, with investments in modern technologies?
  • Digital use-cases being prioritized across industries such as Industrial, Automotive, Manufacturing etc. in 5G, IoT, AI
  • What are relevant applications in digital engineering to be targeted with wider deployment of 5G?
  • Challenges faced in technology adoption and best practices to navigate the challenges



Takashi SUZUKI

Director General

JETRO Bengaluru


Yukio Takeyari

Ex Chairman

Sony India Software Centre


Manish Misra

Chief Innovation Officer

Panasonic India


Sushil Rawat

Vice President, vRAN Platform

Rakuten Mobile


Siddhartha Agarwal

Managing Director, SaaS Partnerships & Co-Innovation

Google Cloud


Sidhant Rastogi

Managing Partner




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