DRAUP platform empowers sales teams with scalable, contextualized, real-time, actionable insights. The platform is powered by machine-generated insights and models, which is augmented by a team of analysts adding their learning-based insights to provide knowledge about companies, executives, competitors, and the broader ecosystem.

DRAUP has a network of subject matter experts across 10 industry verticals, 70+ researchers focused on in-depth primary research and analysis, and 100+ sources from where over 1TB of data is captured and analyzed every quarter, to build contextualized and actionable insights.

DRAUP helps bridge the gap between data intelligence and opportunity wins by providing real-time, actionable insights. This extends across building more context, providing analysis, and creating an action plan which is delivered through DRAUP across its product features. DRAUP provides insights through –

  • An extensive SME network
  • Webinars
  • DRAUPbot
  • BrainDesk
  • Signals
  • Psychographic analysis
  • Opportunity index
  • Metrics
  • Proprietary databases

As a result of leveraging DRAUP, customers have experienced increased productivity, higher win ratio, and enhanced efficiency.

For more information, please visit: draup.com