Digital Engineering In BFSI – The India Opportunity

BFSI companies are being challenged by newer players, thus creating an urgency for these organizations to increase their investments on Digital Engineering in BFSI.

cost takeout

Rapid Cost Takeout Opportunities

A Zinnov point of view on the various rapid cost takeout opportunities that can be tapped into, by focusing on three levers – Globalization, Outsourcing cost, and Product Portfolio Optimization.

COVID Response Strategy – Devising a Roadmap for Global Centers of Excellence

Insights on how GCoE leaders across verticals can formulate a winning COVID response strategy to combat disruptions.

Resiliency Of The Indian ER&D Ecosystem In The Wake Of COVID-19

COVID-19 brought to focus the resilience of the Indian ER&D ecosystem. Here’s a snapshot of how 10 Indian ER&D Service Providers ensured continuity of operations.

Hyper Intelligent Automation Adoption In Billion-Dollar Large Enterprises

Hyper Intelligent Automation adoption is being driven by billion-dollar Large Enterprises in India. What are the key factors driving this adoption? How is India positioned relative to the world in terms of HIA adoption? How has COVID-19 affected this adoption across enterprises?

Challenges Faced By Small Medium Businesses During COVID-19 And The Road To Recovery

Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) were sucker-punched by COVID-19. How will SMBs overcome the key challenges that they are facing as a result of this crisis? What are the steps they can take to cushion the blow?

Building Business Resilience In The Time of Crisis

As the world settles into the new world order Enterprises and Service Providers are building Business Resilience to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis. Here’s a detailed view on how COVID has impacted verticals and how businesses can navigate through this crisis.

Digital Defensibility: Business in the Time of COVID-19

Read this detailed report on building Digital Defensibility and navigating business in the time of COVID-19. The report analyzes impact of COVID across different key verticals.

Private Equity Investments In The Enterprise Software Space

Zinnov’s study titled, “Private Equity Investments in the Enterprise Software space,” evaluated the US Private Equity (PE) landscape, with a specific focus on Enterprise Software, analyzing 2500+ PE transactions including buyouts, growth capital investments, and add-on acquisitions in Enterprise Software in the last five years across the United States. For each transaction, Zinnov has investigated … Continue reading Private Equity Investments In The Enterprise Software Space

Digital Engineering Services: A Market Snapshot

Top R&D spenders are investing in digital enablers to optimize manufacturing processes and new product development/ reengineering to meet two key business objectives – Customer Experience and Operational Excellence