The COVID-19 Impact On BFS Industry – A Zinnov Study

A study on the impact of COVID-19 on the Banking and Financial Services Industry, its role in navigating through the current crisis, and how Digitalization will define the future of BFS firms.

Sales Transformation Playbook for Enterprise Software firms

Excerpts from an insightful discussion on how Enterprise Software leaders must approach sales transformation by leveraging the critical trifecta – customer focus, alliance ecosystem, and product strategy.

How To Run Digital Events And Conferences Successfully In The Time Of COVID-19

Digital events and conferences will be table stakes in a post-COVID-19 world. But running a successful digital event is no cake walk. Learn all about how Zinnov runs successful digital events and conferences in this whitepaper

Operationalizing Effortless Customer Experience

How Are Organizations Winning Customer Loyalty?

A panel of experts discuss the various measures and approaches that organizations adopt to achieve customer loyalty.


Customer experience (CX) as the focal point for the journey to digital

About the author(s) : Nischay Mittal is an Engagement Lead with Zinnov’s Digital practice