Building Senior Roles In India Global Centers Of Excellence

by Mohammed Faraz Khan, Partner, Zinnov; Namita Adavi, Engagement Manager, Zinnov; Yash Rathi, Consultant, Zinnov

In the last two decades, the India GCoE ecosystem has transformed from being mere support centers into portfolio hubs with more responsibilities and ownership, driving transformation and innovation agendas for HQ. In the post-pandemic world, India is a destination of choice for companies looking to set up GCoEs and has the seal of approval from 72% HQ leaders who claim that India is at par or more productive than their other global locations. But still, India centers seem to lack senior leadership roles, owing to a consistent misconception that they lack readiness to house senior talent equivalent to the HQ.


We, at Zinnov, believe that it is crucial for GCoEs to foster in-house senior talent in order to truly drive value as a transformation hub. Senior leadership roles bring about greater autonomy over localized decisions by empowering teams, bridging collaboration gaps with global stakeholders, and becoming champions for India, and thereby increasing the purview and responsibility of the site.

A senior leadership role at the helm of a BU can restructure, redefine roles and build teams with diverse and complementing skills – in essence, build independent BUs with self-sustaining teams. Such teams are equipped to address resource leaks at the site.

We have identified more benefits of having SL roles out of GCoEs through extensive primary research, and interviews of best-in-class GCoE that have profited by practicing this, in this whitepaper. Additionally, this whitepaper explores the enabling factors and a path for GCoEs to bring greater ownership to their sites by increasing senior leadership headcount. It also delves into the nuances of fostering in-house senior leadership by outlining a playbook for site leaders and HR heads.

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Building Senior Roles From India GCoEs

Download the whitepaper on Building Senior Leadership Roles From India GCoEs here.

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